Bruno Putzeys - CTO

With the invention of UcD and Ncore, Bruno Putzeys is probably single-handedly responsible for turning class-D amplification into the preferred way of building high-end audio amplifiers. His designs are displacing class A and valve amplifiers in all the niches they held until now and are making truly audiophile performance available in very compact, energy-efficient products. In 2010 he delivered a shot across the bow of high-end loudspeaker design. The Grimm Audio LS1 was immediately hailed by several reviewers as the best hi-fi speaker so far. With the foundation of Kii Audio in 2014 he has turned his full attention to loudspeakers with the intention to revolutionize them in the same way as he did amplifiers.

Chris Reichardt - CEO

Learning to play music at the age of nine, Chris Reichardt went on to become a professional guitar and music theory teacher in the 1980s. After studying Geology and Business Administration he decided to work in the audio industry in the late 1980s. Through the Years Chris has worked for numerous companies in the broadcast, pro audio and consumer industry such as Digidesign/AVID, TC Electronic, SSL and Grimm Audio just to name a few. In the late 1990s he decided to become self employed and founded his own distribution company.

Bart van der Laan - COO

Bart's extensive knowledge and experience in embedded software development and digital signal processing allow Kii to swiftly embrace and master the latest technologies. All Kii technologies are designed in-house and rely on the synergy between Bruno and Bart, a combination that proved itself successful for over a decade in several other companies. Audio and technology have always been part of his life. In 2011 he started his own company offering design services for manufacturers of electronics. A growing interest in the business side drove the decision to co-found Kii and take charge of the trajectory between hardcore engineering and sales. Every Kii product will grow up and leave the factory under Bart's supervision in his role as COO.

Tom Jansen - Director of Product Management

Music, recording studios and instruments have been the main obsession throughout all of Tom´s life, while his formal education in architecture and design fueled a deeper interest in how people interact with and use audio gear, as well as how it´s design and features can improve this experience. In the last 10 years he has done architectural acoustic consulting and studio design, organized his own tradeshow for high end audio gear and finally joined forces with Chris Reichardt as product manager in his audio distribution company. Meeting Bruno and Bart during this time as product manager for their former works such as the LS1 made a deep impression and left him with the will to dedicate his work to their future ideas of audio innovations for the pro and hifi world with Kii Audio.

Wim Weijers - Business Development Director HiFi EU/US

To achieve the best possible sound reproduction, has always been one of the main goals in Wim's life! Since 1991 Wim has been active in Audio. Developing skills in modifying and improving audio equipment is a true passion of Wim, and this made him found his own company modifying audio equipment. On his further search for the best possible sound, Wim found Bruno, Bart, Chris and Thomas. Meeting these guys was the same as seeing the light for Wim! Sharing the same desire to achieve the best possible sound reproduction, was the ultimate goal.

Patrick Hendriks - Director of Quality Control

After finishing the SAE in Rotterdam, Patrick worked as a live sound engineer at various venues. Interested in the hardware side of the business, he decided to get his bachelor's degree in electronics at the HAN university. There, his focus shifted to power electronics and class D amplifiers; knowledge he applied at an innovative company designing automotive power train solutions. He became lead electronics designer and obtained a Master's degree in control systems. Being an audio enthusiast, as well as an engineer, Patrick realized that the Kii Three achieved its exceptional quality due to hardcore engineering. At Kii Audio Patrick combines his engineering qualities with his love for music and is teaming up with Bruno and Bart to expand Kii's future portfolio.

Jed Allen - Sales Manager Professional Audio

At college studying Piano Tuning and Technology, Jed discovered his love for all things musical was better served in the electronic side of the industry. Then having worked in Music Instrument retail in various stores in London Jed also found out that he enjoyed working in the business side of the Industry. After working for Roland UK as a sales manager for a number of years, the emerging computer-based audio recording was the obvious market for the future. He then worked for Digidesign/Avid running UK and then EMEA sales before working for Universal Audio for 6 years running their International sales. As DSP has dramatically changed the recording market Jed believes that the combination of great cabinet design, the latest in DSP and Class D amplifiers that Kii Audio represents will drive this change in the professional monitor market.

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