October 2017


As Kal Rubinson wrote when he reviewed our 2017 Product of the Year in the September 2017 Stereophile, "almost everything about Kii Audio's Three loudspeaker is a refreshing splash of cool water." That's especially true if one defines refreshing—and splash and cool—as meaning "different." And my oh my, is this year's winner ever different.
The six-way, six-driver Kii Three is distinct from most other loudspeakers—and all previous Products of the Year, as far as I know in as much as it is self-amplified and -preamplified, DSP-controlled, and German. The Kii Audio Three is far less expensive than other products that have sat atop our annual vote. Take that, conformity!

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Stereonet awards the Kii THREEs with "Best Innovation Award"

As for active loudspeakers, the KiiTHREE’s stunning styling and comprehensive audio qualities have forced a complete rethink about the active route to audio Nirvana.


October 2017

Rocky Mountain Press Awards

Rocky Mountain Press Awards in the Category "INNOVATION" go to Kii THREE System


September 2017

Stereophile USA - Kalman Rubinson

"I cued up all my favorite recordings. All of them sounded better than ever."

At the risk of offending nearly every designer and manufacturer of loudspeakers, I think we have not seen anything really new in a long time. Casting a gimlet eye at Stereophile's "Recommended Components" reveals some electrostatic and planar-magnetic models, a few horns, and lots and lots of cones and domes in boxes...

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September 2017

Stereo Times USA - Clement Perry

Highly recommended and easily awarded my 2017 Most Wanted Component Publisher's Choice!

When Bill Parish of GTT Audio and Video asked me to review his Kii Audio Three active loudspeakers, my first response was, "What took you so long to ask?" You see, I'd been keeping an eye on this German loudspeaker since their debut at the Munich High End show some years ago. The only person more excited than I was at that time was Parish himself...

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September 2017

Audio Fi - Malaysia

Aesthetically pleasing compact, little monster of a loudspeaker.

I FIRST laid eyes on an actual pair of Kii THREEs at the recent KL International AV Show 2017. Looking rather less avant-garde, and thus perhaps will be less challenged in gaining acceptance from one’s better half than, say, the somewhat similar-minded Devialet Phantom (recently reviewed here), the Kii THREEs were one of several pairs of active loudspeakers which impressed at the show...

Read more at : audiofi.net/2017/09/to-the-power-of-the-kii-three


May 2017

Positive Feedback - Audio Oasis Award for Axpona


April 2017

6moons - Srajan Ebaen

“What a big step forward in intelligent 21st-century speaker design..”

Sauce hollandaise. Eindhoven is called Holland's hi-tech mile; Europe's Silicon Valley. It's here where the vast corporate empire of Philips once ruled. When applied to loudspeakers, this general vicinity has already given us Æquo Audio, Crystal Cable, Dutch & Dutch, Grimm Audio and Kharma. For electronics we've had Hypex/nCore and Mola Mola. Looking closer, Æquo Audio's partially active Ensis speaker runs on nCore modules. So does Grimm Audio's LS1be. Behind nCore of course is Bruno Putzeys. His early days segue back to Philips. And with the now German Kii Audio Three speaker from Bergisch Gladbach, he's involved once again; and not just with six 250-watt nCore channels per box. Keeping tabs, between Dutch & Dutch, Grimm and Kii, our tally is up to three advanced active loudspeakers, all of them from Holland, with two carrying Putzeys' influence well beyond amplifier design into acoustic wave shaping tech. No rest for the wicked. That old proverb definitely speaks Dutch...

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January 2017

Sound on Sound - Phil Ward

“The Kii Three is one of the finest speakers I’ve ever heard and undoubtedly the best I’ve everhad the privilege and pleasure of using in my own home.”

Sound on Sound ENGLISH - Download

Mai 2016

AXPONA Chicago

The beautiful and brilliant Kii Three all-in-one speaker…kapow!

I have to say it: The GTT Audio/Kii Audio continued to ring the Audio Oasis! Award bell at AXPONA 2016! It had done so back at RMAF 2015, and did it once again. Some new firmware updates from Bruno Putzeys, the design genius behind this glorious form, and the improved sound was better than ever!

Read more at : https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/impressions-axpona-2016-audio-oasis-awards-part-2/

February 2016

Norddeutsche HiFi Tage

Highly recommended and easily awarded my 2017 Most Wanted Component Publisher's Choice!

Messerundgang Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage

Früher war High End Audio klar erkennbar an monströsen Verstärkern, gigantischen Lautsprechern, exorbitant hohen Preisen und einer auf liebenswerte Art äußerst verschrobenen Fangemeinde. Doch die Zeiten haben sich geändert. Klar, es gibt sie noch immer, die kuriosen bis faszinierenden HiFi-Monströsitäten, aber inzwischen kann man Produkte mit State-of-the-Art-Anspruch nicht mehr so einfach an Größe oder Preisschild erkennen, den richtig guten Klang bekommt man heute auch schon für vergleichsweise erschwingliche Beträge.

Read more at : mactechnews.de/news/article/Messebericht-Norddeutsche-HiFi-Tage-HOeRTEST-2016-163391.html?page=2

January 2016

CES Las Vegas

In the category of bigger isn’t always better, I dropped in on Kii Audio where they were sampling their Kii Three loudspeaker. These small euro-style monitors pack some serious amplifier technology and DSP horsepower to deliver some incredibly huge sound to a room. Four 6.5 inch woofers (one on each side and two in the rear), one 5 inch midrange and a one inch tweeter with wave-guide are powered by six 250 watt NCore amplifiers on board along with full A/D and D/A conversion facilities. The active DSP and crossover filtering are designed for controlled dispersion and have selectable filtering to accommodate different room placements.

Read more at : hometheaterhifi.com/features/show-reports-film-festivals-concerts/ces-2016-show-report-day-4/

October 2015

Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback presents Audio Oasis Award for the Kii Audio room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

The Audio Oasis! AwardsTime is short…on to my Audio Oasis! Awards. These I give to the rooms that were of high quality, drawing me in to sit down and really get into the music. You know: An audio oasis! Rest for the weary audio traveler and all that. For me, that's a sign of great accomplishment, especially under show conditions.

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Digital Audio Review - RMAF Denver


Part Time Audiophile



May 2015


The most exciting pre-show announcement to cross my desk—by far!—was confirmation of a rumour I'd heard last year. Part of team Grimm Audio would launch a new company and with it, the speaker that the Grimm LS1 "shoulda been". Kii Audio's Three is that beastie. It's all of 20x40x40cm compact and 15kg heavy yet contains six drivers and a total of 1'500 watts worth of custom nCore. The longer version would say that it combines Bruno Putzeys, Bart van der Laan, Wim Weijers, Chris Reichhardt and Thomas Jansen; "offers linear frequency response, a perfect impulse response plus phase coherence and Bruno Putzeys' Active Wave Focusing™ technology to control dispersion and direct the sound pressure where we need it to be: in the sweet spot! Intelligent DSP processing provides for a cardioid dispersion pattern down to the low-mid and bass frequencies, which otherwise can only be achieved by very wide baffles, big cabinets or soffit mounting speakers (infinite baffle design). The controlled sound dispersion is the only reason why a big main monitor system in a good room offers the special feel and impact it does."

Read more at : 6moons.com/industryfeatures/munich2015/3.html

and after the listening session:

My actual review pair of Crystal Cable Minissimo monitors ruled this Dutch exhibit. Only a closer look revealed changes, namely a diamond tweeter co-developed with SEAS of Norway to use the company's trademark silver/gold wire metallurgy for the voice coil and hookup leads; and biwire terminals (plus minor internal changes to the crossover).

Read more at : 6moons.com/industryfeatures/munich2015/11.html

May 2015


Kii THREE Feature

When the press release named Kii Audio as the sender, my ears pricked up. When their novel Three loudspeaker promised 20Hz – 20kHz bandwidth from a 20x40x40cm box with six drivers; six 250-watt custom nCore amps; full DSP control and controlled dispersion… my ears got hot and bothered. When I learnt that former folks from Grimm Audio were involved including Bruno Putzeys of Hypex, UcD, nCore and Mola-Mola fame, I got my thermometer out just in case. It pegged. Time for another keep-it-honest installment.

Read more at : digitalaudioreview.net/2015/05/kih-22-time-delay/

As it turned out, my time-delay notion had some truth to it but didn’t really capture the essence of Bruno’s dispersion control. Which isn’t surprising. I’m a techno peasant. Bruno is one of the sharpest pencils in the drawer. Talking to the man after his first demo, he explained how it exploits strategic phase shift which is a form of time delay after all. Rather than a delay line however to hold back the frontal drivers as I envisioned, his purpose is to create a cardioid dispersion pattern. He thus exploits phase cancellation to seriously attenuate rear-firing acoustic energy below 250Hz. What it means is that front-wall reflections in the lower registers are way down in level; and the usual build-up of high-amplitude compression zones in the front corners which trap HF and imbalance sound distribution is eliminated.

Read more at : digitalaudioreview.net/2015/05/kih-22-more-time-delay-with-kii-audio/

May 2015


Kii THREE Feature

Es scheint den Entwicklern gelungen zu sein, die Ausbreitung der Schallwellen trotz kleiner Gehäuseabmessungen (ohne breite Schallwand) in Richtung der Musikhörer perfekt zu kontrollieren. - Eine koheränte Wellenfront, die viele Aufstellungsvarianten in Wohnzimmer-, Hör- und Studioräumen ermöglicht. Die sekundäre Wellenfront (Reflexion) fällt viel weniger ins Gewicht.

Read more at : avguide.ch//produktnews/2_revolutionaerer-aktiv-monitor-kii-three-erklang-erstmals-zur-high-end-muenchen

May 2015


Finlands leading HiFi Website

Active Wave Focusing -tekniikka tarkoittaa tekniikkaa, jolla kaiuttimen suoraa ääntä ja säteilukuviota hallitaan niin, että molemmat ovat parhaimmillaan siellä, missä kuuntelukin tapahtuu. Älykkäällä dsp-prosessoinnilla kii three koostaan huolimatta saadaan valmistajan mukaan toimimaan kardioidina keski- ja yläbassoille asti. kii Audion suunnittelufilosofian mukaan hallittu säteilykuvio on ainoa syy, miksi isot monitorit isossa huoneessa tarjoavat erityisen ja vaikuttavan kuunteluelämyksen.

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