The Kii system in your home

Hidden behind the beauty of the Kii THREE is an amazing speaker that is small enough to fit easily into modern living spaces. It doesn’t take over your habitat like a huge old audiophile setup, there are no racks, no big towers, no cables to trip over. Instead, there’s intelligence!

Not only do we use current technology to build a modern active speaker system, but we advance technology from the ground up where necessary and we employ it in ways no one has done before. What may appear to be a cute pair of speakers at first sight, is really a powerful audiophile system that effortlessly outperforms all others, regardless of price.


The clarity and detail, the impressive time coherence and most importantly the handling of the room acoustics let the listener dive right into the magical experience of a great record, more so than even the best conventional setups are able to. All the innovations inside this speaker serve one single purpose: to be more truthful to the music!Kii brings more music into your life. Let’s face it: buying a second system for daily use because the “big” system is too impractical for background listening was never a solution. Even the best Hi-Fi set should be easy and intuitive to use for anyone in the house. Whenever there’s music on your mind, there should be great music in your home.

The Kii THREE HiFi Stands

Perfectly designed to go with the Kii THREE is the Kii THREE stand. The stands are made out of high quality steel and are powdercoated in black RAL 9005. The tubes are sand fillable to eliminate eventual resonances and vibrations. They are 27,5 Inches tall to fit the perfect home listening height and come with M8 spikes. To ensure a stable sit, the top plate is a perfect fit for the recessed bottom plate of the Kii THREE.


The Kii THREE Wall Mount

The Kii THREE wall mount gives you the possibility to attach the KIi THREEs to a wall and out of reach. This is especially helpful in surround and immersive sound setups.

The Kii THREE colors

The Kii THREE comes in two standard color schemes.

- High Gloss White
- Graphite Satin Metallic

Any custom color can be ordered at a surcharge.
To perfectly fit the Kii THREE into your living room, you can choose any color that suits your taste.  You have a choice of high gloss, matt or metallic finish.
The brushed aluminum covers always stay the same color. They are anodized in black to match the stands.


Custom color

Iced Bronze Metallic

A wonderful color to go with any wooden interior design.

Blends in perfectly and looks extremely elegant.


Custom Color

Silver Matt Metallic

Very nice techy and sleek looking color.

For modern living spaces with steel and chrome designs.


Custom color

Baton Rouge Metallic

Our most popular custom color to date.
Chosen by Jacob Collier for his studio.


Custom color

Blue Lagoon Metallic

Named after the Queensland surf break.

Very trendy automotive color.


Customer quotes

- 'The Kii THREEs sound better than my traditional 80.000 USD system'

- 'The music reproduction with my Kii THREEs is unbelievably natural'

- 'The Kii SYSTEM is my last stereo for sure'

- 'The dynamic of the Kii THREEs is out of this world'

- 'Whatever music I put on it is pure fun'

- 'I have a pair of Kiis in all of my houses - I cannot be without them'


Can I test the Kii THREE System at home?


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